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Cruise excursions Alicante

Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Alicante

Cruise excursions Alicante the best option for enjoying the Mediterranean sea!! What about our cruise excursions in Alicante? The Mediterranean sea, our lovely Mare Nostrum. Romans knew that this spectacular sea was going to be one of the first economical reason for setting up new villages, new activities new habors!! Alicante is one of that cities […]

Cartagena Spain shore excursion: The lighthouse of Cabo de Palos

Cartagena Spain shore excursion, Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Cartagena

Unique and historical Cartagena Spain shore excursion to the lighthouse of Cabo de palos The lighthouse of Cabo de Palos has been occupied by different cultures and societies and it has been always a referent in the Mediterranenan coastline.  The first time the lighthouse appeared was in the texts of Pliny the Elder that reported […]

Two best Mediterranean drinks: Valencian Horchata and Spanish Sangria

Valencia horchata and Spanish Sangria

Typical Mediterranean drink: Valencian Horchata and Spanish Sangria Known since antiquity as a source of vitamins and nutrients, the Valencian horchata is also considered a source of health and energy the world throughout. The real Horchata from Valencia is made with Chufa (Tiger Nut). Unfortunately, Chufa is quiet diffcult to find it abroad, so because of […]

The 3 best cruising excursions Alicante

cruising excursions Alicante, Alicante shared walking tour (3h), alicante private tour guide

Time to choose the best cruising excursions Alicante? Keep reading this post and we wil show you the three best cruising excursions Alicante. 1-. Shore excursion Alicante 4h: Private cruising excursion Alicante Visit some of the many treasures of Alicante on this half-day guided tour that takes you into the city center and up into […]

Alcoy guided tour

Alcoy Moors and Christians, 4h private guided tour, alcoy guided tour

Alcoy celebrate its Moors and Christians festivity in honour to Saint George. In this Alcoy guided tour, we invite you to discover in 5h astonishing histories about the Industrial Revolution and its comparison with Valencia, Bilbao or Barcelona. Surrounded by two Natural Parcks: Fuente Roja and Sierra de Mariola, and known because of its economical […]

Paella show cooking Valencia: traditional recipe

paella show cooking Valencia, cruise excursions valencia, shore excursions valencia, Escursioni crociera per Valencia, crociera, escursione guidata private, valencia

Willing to cook the best Valencian paella of your life? Try with us our paella show cooking Valencia. For cooking the best paella of your life, you have to consider it as an art and be sure you are using high quality ingredients and you are accompanied by a specialist. This time we want to […]

Valencia guided tour

Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Valencia, virtual guided tours in valencia

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is, as the Valencian anthem sais: “the land of the flowers, light and peace”. Join us in this Valencia guided tour and discover these three points!! Founded by romans, enjoyed by muslims and re-conquered by James the Ist “The Conqueror” Valencia is a cosmopolitan city with hunders of […]

Cruising excursions Cartagena: follow the history!

cruising excursions Cartagena, private tour guide in Cartagena, escursioni crociera per Cartagena (Spagna), escursione guidata private, visita guidata privata per Cartagena, Cartagena (Spagna), visite guidate, crociera, escursioni in crociera

What to visit in 4h in a cruising excursions Cartagena!! As mentioned in previous posts, planning in advance your cruising excursions Cartagena before you go on a cruise is the best and you will avoid nightmares during your cruise in the Mediterranean. The Spanish life starts quiet late around 10am, but probably you will arrive to […]

The three best pictures in Valencia

We want to show you the three best pictures in Valencia, taken in a private shore excursions Valencia. We were born in this wonderful Mediterranean lands, and each corner of each village for us is special, full of life full of histories.Because of this we are going to analyse 3 different pictures of Valencia taken […]

Cruising Excursions Valencia: get the best!

Cruising excursions Valencia, shore excursions valencia, cruise excursions valencia, Escursioni crociera per Valencia, crociera, escursione guidata private, valencia, Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Valencia, private guided tour, virtual guided tours in valencia

Planing your cruise in the Mediterranean for the new season? Start choosing the best cruising excursions Valencia and finish the cruise with remarkable moments!!   After Christmas and New Year everybody starts planning new resolutions for 2015. It could be that one of your resolution is to go on a cruise so we congratulate you […]


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