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How to visit Cartagena (Spain)

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Planning your private shore excursion to Cartagena? Keep reading our post: how to visit Cartagena (Spain) to find more information The first thing you have to check is your cruise ship itinerary and make sure your ship in docking in Cartagena in Spain, not Cartagena de Indias. This is a very fun situation but it´s important […]

How to visit the Roman Theater in Cartagena (Spain)?

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Tips for a wonderful visit of the Roman Theater in Cartagena (Spain)!! ¡In this post we want to let you know the best tips for visiting the Roman Theater in Cartagena (Spain) from a local side! As soon as you arrive to Cartagena (Spain) have a look to your surroundings and check where the “Conception” […]

How to visit the Lladro factory

lladro factory visit, Valencia Famous Lladro factory

Have you ever heard about the Lladro factory visit ? or Have you got any Lladro porcelaine piece and would you like to know how are they created? Congratulations!! We have the perfect information for your private guided tour Lladro factory visit or cruise excursion Lladro Factory visit either from Castellon or Valencia…     […]

Private tour guide in Valencia

private tour guide in Valencia, Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Valencia

Experiences, feelings, emotions, excitements all booking with us private tour guide in Valencia. The best option to discover one of the most excited and interestinc Mediterranean cities with its: Serranos Towers, Central Market, The Basilica ofr the patronosse, the Silk Exchange building of the Lladró factory. In addition, Valencia offers a great variety in terms of […]

Private tour guide in Cartagena

Punic Walls Interpretation Center Cartagena Spain, private tour guide in cartagena

Do you remember the II Punic War? Does it sound familiar to you the name of Hanibal? Would you like to know more about the relation between him and Cartagena? This will be a unique and magnificient Roman tour of Cartagena specially designed by a private tour guide in Cartagena. Let us refresh your memories and […]

Private tour guide in Alicante

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Do you know that the Spanish explanade is composed by 6 milion broken ceramic tiles?Enjoy a different and customized tour and book a private tour guide in Alicante. Surf in the history, traditions, culture and gastronomy of a wonderful city like Alicante and always trust Licensed tour guides. Iberians, romans, arabs and finally christians have […]

Cruise excursions Castellon

Cruise excursions Castellon a jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean sea!! Castellon Province located in the North of the Valencian Community is a jewel in the Mediterranean that you can explore with your friends, family or couple. The Castellon´s harbor is becoming more and more famous day by day because of its prime location […]

Cruise excursions Cartagena

Are you planing a cruise in the Mediterranean sea and you don´t know which cruise excursions Cartagena you should choose? Here you have tha answers for your questions about cruise excurions Cartagena. We are going to describe the main differences between a walking tour cruise excursions Cartagena and a Cartagena highlights cruise excursions. – Cartagena […]

Cruise excursions Valencia

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Cruise excursions Valencia one of the best ways to discover this Mediterranean city! What about our cruise excursions Valencia?. This city is considered one of the most important  touristic cities bathed by the Mediterranean sea, and we are proud of being born in this wonderful lands. Because of this we will be very happy and […]


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