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How to visit the Lladro factory

Have you ever heard about the Lladro factory visit ? or Have you got any Lladro porcelaine piece and would you like to know how are they created?

lladro factory Valencia Shore excursions, lladro factory visitCongratulations!! We have the perfect information for your private guided tour Lladro factory visit or cruise excursion Lladro Factory visit either from Castellon or Valencia…



The first impression you get when you get inside the “city of porcelaine” in Tavernes Blanques is the large extension of the area and the facilities that the area have for the visitors and their workers.

We will star the Lladro factory visit watching an amazing video, where to discover the legacy of the Lladro factory and the history of this family, and why that enclousure.

Following with the Lladro factory visit private tour we will discover you the paradise in terms of porcelaine and Lladro pieces. Visiting the Lladro factory process is a fascinating area where to discover on the first hand the different process: models, hand painting, varnish, oven…

The Lladro factory will show you the historical family business, its expansion all over the world and its consolidation in 2010 of Lladro Atelier.

lladro factory visitOnce we know how all the Lladro handmade porcelaine pieces are made, we invite you to discover the museum created with specific Lladro pieces and of course the Lladro factory store. In the Lladro factory store you will find unique pieces to be sold only in the Lladro factory in Spain, or limited editions Porcelaine pieces.

With out any doubt, the best piece to be admired in the Lladro factory is “The jewel of the Nile”…
Unbelievable, unique, wonderful!!

lladro factory visitThe Lladro factory visit is a different way to discover the Valencian traditions, the history of this unique handmade porcelaine pieces made in Spain and to discover limited edition pieces that just can be found in the Lladro factory store. Is simple but at the same time with a private Lladro factory visit you will have the chance to speak with the artist, to have a personalized tour with experts and time for your shopping.

This Lladro factory visit can be combined with a private guided tour Valencia or private guided tour Castellon

lladro factory visit

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