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Cruise excursions Cartagena

Are you planing a cruise in the Mediterranean sea and you don´t know which cruise excursions Cartagena you should choose?

Here you have tha answers for your questions about cruise excurions Cartagena. We are going to describe the main differences between a walking tour cruise excursions Cartagena and a Cartagena highlights cruise excursions.

Cartagena walking tour: As the title sais, this is mainly a walking tour so we won´t be using any kind of transport. The guide will be waiting you in Cartagena´s harbor and you will start your cruise excursions Cartagena, focused in a Cartagena walking tour. Usually this tous last 3h and we will be visiting the main tourist sites and “must-visit” in Cartagena such us: Interpretation Center of Punic Walls or we will be taking the elevator for the Castle (outside visit) for enjoying the amazing panoramic views over the Royal Marine and the Roman Theatre. We will finish our tour walking to the modernist city center for visiting the town hall, the pedestrian street Calle Mayor and the Great hotel.

This Cartagena Walking tour is recommended for people who can walk without dishabilities, specially designed for families with kids 😉

Town Hall of Cartagena, cruise excursions Cartagena

On the other hand we can have a cruise excursions Cartagena with transport.

– Cartagena Highlights cruise excursion: In this case the tour will last 4h and we will be using a private transport like car, van or coach. In this tour we will be able to get to different sites surrounding Cartagena such us Cabo de Palos, the Christmass fortress or going for a panoramic drive surrounding the city center of Cartagena. Of course we will visit the Punic Walls for discovering the begining of the history of Qart-hadast in this cruise excursions Cartagena and then we will go up to the Castle (outside visit) with our transport for having great panoramic views from the different balconies. Instead of going to the modernist city center walking, we will take the car or van for going down and park it in the city center, and inmediatly start visiting it walking.
You will enjoy an amazing and charming enviroment in the different pedestrian streets fulls of stores and souvenirs shops.

This will be a fun, enjoyable and great cruise excurions Cartagena, with private transport for those who don´t want to get tired or simply explore more sites in less time.

The best way for discovering Cartagena if you arrive on a cruise, it´s to book private cruise excursions Cartagena with professionals.

Cartagena is a wonderful city with loads of things to do, but you have to plan them for enjoying your time and making profit of it.

cruising excursions Cartagena, cruise excursions Cartagena



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