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Guided tour to Valencia: top ten tourist attractions

Are you arriving to Valencia and you aren´t sure about what this city offers to you? You are in the correct website to book a guided tour to Valencia!

The third largest city in Spain (Valencia) offers a huge variety of guided tours and tourist attractions for the visitor.

Book a guided tour to Valencia and you will have a well organised day and you won´t miss any of the top ten tourist attractions of the city.

1-. City of Arts and Science: It is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city.

In our guided tour we will stop for some panoramic views and time to enjoy the different buildings (outside visit). The Hemisferic, The Museum Principe Felipe, the Oceanografic, the Palace of Arts and the Agora are all the buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela that we can find in this modern area of Valencia.

Guided tour Valencia

2-. Panoramic tour to the city: Following the old Turia riverbed we will find the old Palace of Music, we will drive to Gran Via Marqués del Turia to visit Colon Market, Colon street, the bullring of Valencia, the main train station or the city hall.

In this panoramic tour we will visit interesting buildings out of the normal tours.

3-. Central Market: With more than 250 stalls, it is generally considered one of the oldest European markets still running. Enjoy this traditional and unique place where to mix with local people.

4-. The Silk Exchange Building: The jewel of the Gothic, declared Word Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The masterpiece of the XVth century, a place where to sell and develop commercial activities related with the silk during the XVth and XVIth century.

5-. Carmen neighbordhood: Traditional, typical and unique neighbordhood in the city where you still can feel the traditional enviroment, enjoying the the typical façades and small houses plenty of colors.

6-. Plaza Redonda: Circular square located next to Plaza de la Reina. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city for its peculiarity, it hosts  a traditional market where to buy ceramic pieces, souvenirs or whjere to learn how to saw in different workshops.

7-. Sample some horchata: sweety milk made with tiger-nuts, water and sugar. Try it in one of the oldest “horchaterias” of the city.

8-. Cathedral of Valencia: It was built over the site of the former Visigothic cathedral, which under the Moors had been turned into a mosqueGothic architecture, in its Catalan or Mediterranean version, is the predominant style of this cathedral, although it also contains RomanesqueFrench GothicRenaissanceBaroque and Neo-Classical elements.

In this guided tour to Valencia you will discover all the history related with the Cathedral, its 3 gates and the importance of the Holy Chapel where is revered the Holy Grail the authentic cup used at the Last Supper.

Guided tour Valencia

9-. Basilica of the Holy Lady of Foresaken people: The basilica which now houses the image of ‘Our Lady’ was built on the site of a Roman temple.

10-. Virgin Square: The origin of the Plaza de la Virgen dates back to the Roman era the “Forum”, situated at the confluence of two main large roman streets: cardo and decumano.

In this square we have also a fountain, the Governament Palace and some interesting stories about the surrounding buildings.

A guided tour to Valencia is perhaps the best opcion for this city.

Local feelings, history, traditions, festivities and tourism can be enjoyed at the same time.

Remember “book a tour guide, not a guide book”!

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