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European Federation of Tourist Guides Associations

We are members of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG)

Our Members are the professional, qualified tourist guides in Europe. They are committed to quality and standards and add value to the visitor experience. Using key techniques that combine knowledge and practical skills they help bring alive each locatiosln and are often described as ‘ambassadors’ for their country. A Code of Conduct and a Quality Charter reinforces their professional approach. If you’d like to find one of our Members click on the LINKS.

FEG was founded in 1986 in Paris to represent the profession at European level, to publicise and improve the quality of service offered to all visitors to Europe and to bring together and strengthen professional tourist guiding links across Europe.

Thirty years later in 2016 FEG is celebrating its 30th anniversary. FEG is the voice of professional tourist guides in the Europe and is recognised as an advocate of high standards and quality in tourism. It is an active member of several European organisations and groups and a participant or observer in key European forums.

The current full members are:

Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The associate members are: Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine.


  1. FEG is the Professional Tourist Guides voice in Europe (and especially the EU). It is respected and it is consulted.
  2. FEG provides expertise where needed to ensure that the Tourist Guide’s role is understood and promoted.
  3. FEG knows where to go and whom to speak to about Tourist Guiding issues.
  4. FEG is best placed to speak for Tourist Guides on issues such as equivalence of professional qualifications, standards in tourist guiding and tourist guide training. It is well placed to establish common criteria in all areas of tourist guiding.
  5. FEG can achieve a common approach on professional issues. It is able help the industry and consumers greater understand what they can expect of a professional tourist guide in Europe.
  6. FEG can achieve a common approach on professional issues. It is able help the industry and consumers greater understand what they can expect of a professional tourist guide in Europe.
  7. FEG provides an opportunity for association and individual networking through its meetings, seminars and website.


1. FEG as a voice for tourist guides in Europe

FEG gives professional tourist guides a voice in Europe. For more than 30 years FEG has been able to achieve a much higher profile for tourist guides in Europe and has itself become recognised and respected as a relevant lobby for its profession. In fact, it is increasingly the case that European organisations prefer to consult with other European organisations rather than with local or national groups.

As a result, FEG representatives attend and/or sit on a number of pan-European groupings and contributes on a regular basis to discussions on all aspects of the tourism industry in Europe. FEG was a member of the Commission’s Sustainable Tourism Group, which reported in March 2007 and in 2009, will be contributing to the new Social Tourism Working Party.

Then FEG was invited and participated during 2011 as a member of the Commission’s steering group meetings on the European Professional Card, under the auspices of DG Internal Market and Services, moving on in the last few years to a regular collaboration with DG Grow and DG Education & Culture.

Since 2015 FEG is a partner of the European Tourism Manifesto for Growth and Jobs, as a steering group member on the skills and qualifications sector. FEG has been regularly attending all EU important meetings and forums concerning the tourist guide profession, tourism, cultural heritage and professional qualifications.

Meetings and trainnings courses with FEG:


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