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Paella show cooking Valencia: traditional recipe

Willing to cook the best Valencian paella of your life? Try with us our paella show cooking Valencia. For cooking the best paella of your life, you have to consider it as an art and be sure you are using high quality ingredients and you are accompanied by a specialist. This time...
Ausflüge für Kreuzfahrten in Valencia, virtual guided tours in valencia

Valencia guided tour

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is, as the Valencian anthem sais: “the land of the flowers, light and peace”. Join us in this Valencia guided tour and discover these three points!! Founded by romans, enjoyed by muslims and re-conquered by James the Ist...
Valencia for handicapped people

Valencia for handicapped people

It is now the turn for those tourists with special disabilities or needs, Valencia for handicapped people As professionals in the tourism sector, we have seen many times some problems for visiting our cities with disabled people, or special cares and needs. In Valencia we have...

Guided tour to Cartagena: discover the Moorish culture.

Waiting for a natural and historial guided tour Cartagena? You are reading the perfect article. If you aren´t that kind of person who prefers Roman history and archeological remains, this time we have the perfect guided tour to Cartagena for you. The Ricote Valley in the Murcia...
Guided tour Alicante

Guided tour to Alicante: tapas and wine tour

Guided tour to Alicante: tapas and wine tour. Experiencies, feelings, activities, guided tour to Alicante, inner villages, beatiful beaches, relax, golf, wine… This and more is what Alicante has to offer the visitor! See some of the many treasures of Alicante and discover...
Basilica of the Holy Lady of Foresaken people

Guided tour to Valencia: top ten tourist attractions

Are you arriving to Valencia and you aren´t sure about what this city offers to you? You are in the correct website to book a guided tour to Valencia! The third largest city in Spain (Valencia) offers a huge variety of guided tours and tourist attractions for the visitor. Book a...
Guided tour Guadalest

Guided tour to Guadalest; the way not to get lost!

In our guided tour Guadalest we offer a mixture of traditions, history, panoramic views:  a unique chance to discover this land. El Castell de Guadalest or briefly Guadalest is a Valencian town, located in a mountainous area of the comarca of Marina Baixa in the province of...
Hogueras Museum Alicante, Fogueres Festival Museum in Alicante

Fogueres Festival Museum in Alicante

The best season is coming, and in Alicante we have a special festivity to celebrate that summer has just arrived. Fogueres Festival Museum in Alicante is alraedy! We talk about “Fogueres” (Bonfires of Saint John) and we offer a private guided tour to Alicante where...
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Cartagena: centuries of history

First century A.D, together with the theatre in Mérida, is one of the most important Roman Teather in Spain, we talk about the Roman Theater in Cartagena. In our private guided tour in Cartagena which includes The Roman Theatre of Cartagena you will discover the important role...
Central Market in Valencia

The Central Market in Valencia: a treassure in the city center

When we talk about Valencia, we talk about the Silk Exchange building or the Cathedral and we forget about the Central Market. The Central Market is a treassure, it is tradition in the city center where to spent 1h buying or enjoying the enviroment. In our private guided tour in...

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