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Virtual guided tours in Cartagena

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⌚ 60min Aprox
🏬 Discover the Interpretation Center of Punic Walls
🏰 Panoramic views: Roman Theatre & Amphitheatre
🌼  Visit the historical dowtown.

⌚ 60min Aprox 🏬 Discover the Interpretation Center of Punic Walls 🏰 Panoramic views: Roman Theatre & Amphitheatre 🌼  Visit the historical dowtown.


Virtual guided tours in Cartagena spain

A unique way to discover Cartagena (Spain) from home in 60min (aprox). Take a virtual guided tours in Cartagena with Ana & Jordi Linares your private local guides 😉

Let´s start this virtual guided tours in Cartagena (Spain) in the ARQUA and surrounding area. We will discover this Subaquatic Archeaological Museum where we will find some interesting old coins,reproduction of roman boats and we will star with the Cartagena´s 2000 years of history.

Our virtual guided tours in Cartagena will continue visiting the Interpretation Center of Punic Walls, it´s the oldest archeaological remain we have in the city. It´s the city wall designed by the Phoenicians in the IIIth century b.C An interesting spot to understand the history of Cartagena and why the city has been important in all the centuries.

We will continue taking sme nice panoramic view from the Conception Medieval Castle. From the flags explanade we will have the chance to discover the Royal Harbour and its history, where the old mines where located and also the Roman theatre and amphitheatre.

Take a nice seat because we are going to enjoy some nice panoramic views with the amazing Roman Amphitheatre with a total capacity of 10.000 people!!

Your private local tour guides Ana & Jordi Linares will explain the use for both the Roman theatre and amphitheatre, 2 imposing buildings with a totally different purpose. From this views we will understand better the configuration of Cartagena nowadays with 270.000 inhabitants.

After this wonderful part of the virtual guided tours in Cartagena, we will have time to visit the historical and pedestrian downtown. Once in the Major street we will swim inside the shopping area, plenty of restaurants where our guide will explain you some tipical tapas such as: tortilla de patatas, sweet tomato with pork or the famous Asiatico coffe. We will also hace time to describe the local red wine Campo de Cartagena. It is not as known as other in Spain, but it´s quiet tasty and special from this region.

We haven´t finished yet in this amacing and new way to discover Cartagena (Spain). We will visit part of the Naval Museum to discover the most faous submarine!!

We will show you the fisrt electric submarine designed all around the world by a Cartaginian man called: Isaac Peral. This part of the history is not worldwide known but it´s quiet interesting. Let us tell you why electric propulsion and the history related with it.

Book with your private local guides Ana & Jordi Linares this virtual guided tours in Cartagena (Spain) a special way to discover our Mediterranean lands.

What do you need to enjoy our virtual guided tours in Spain?

  • Computer, laptop or you phone (android or apple)
  • Download the Zoom app for your mobile phone, tablet or Ipad or for you computer, laptop:
  • Once you book the virtual guided tour, we will share information about how to connect with us
  • Take a confortable chair or sofa

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